Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Òmnium opening an office in Brussels?

    For three reasons:

    1. To condemn from the heart of Europe and before the entire international community the repression and attacks on fundamental freedoms and rights that we are suffering in the Spanish state.
    2. To promote the Catalan language and culture internationally.
    3. Because if the Spanish state were ever to close or outlaw Òmnium, we would have an organisation in a free country from which to continue our work.

    When Òmnium was shut down by the Franco dictatorship in 1962, it opened a new office in Paris. More than 50 years later, Òmnium faces the need to go back into Europe in order to work in an unrestricted matter and for its voice to reach other countries.

  2. If I'm already a member of Òmnium, am I also a member of Òmnium Civil Rights Europe?

    No, they are two different legal entities, although both are managed politically from Catalonia. So you also have to become a member of Òmnium Civil Rights Europe by paying a fee. For just €2 a month you can help us to get heard in Europe!

  3. How can I become a member of Òmnium Civil Rights Europe?

    Via our website at or by phoning 93 319 80 50.

  4. Why should I become a member of Òmnium Civil Rights Europe?

    By becoming a member, you'll be helping make Europe aware of all of the work that Òmnium has been doing for more than 55 years.

    We shall also make Europe aware of the repression and lack of civil rights and democratic freedoms that we Catalans are suffering, not just in relation to the process for the self-determination of Catalonia, but also in other areas like music, journalism, education and social activism, and which show how regressive the Spanish state is with regard to freedom of expression, opinion and manifestation.

    With an active, peaceful background in defending education, culture, civil rights and real democracy, Òmnium Cultural raises its voice from the heart of the old continent to preserve the foundational values of Europe based on the democratic principles of rights and freedoms.

    We would be extremely grateful if you could help us to make this possible by becoming a member of Òmnium Civil Rights Europe.

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