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Òmnium is one of the main NGOs in Europe at the cultural level, with more than 180.000 members and 60 years of history. It is, and continues to be, a pillar for the promotion of Catalan culture, as well as a key actor in the defense of civil rights. One of its main goals is to achieve a wide consensus in favour of social cohesion in Catalonia, Europe and worldwide.


Since its inception, Òmnium Cultural is committed and devoted to the spread of Culture at all levels. For this reason, we carry out cultural projects in order to boost social transformations and support social cohesion through education. Its many initiatives to promote the Catalan language as well as the literature, its recognized literary awards, performing arts, fine arts, architecture, cuisine, sports and specially popular culture are proof of this.

Civil Rights

We cannot take our civil rights for granted and have to work every single day to protect them. In the last few years, we have seen a worrying rise in the number of human rights violations in western and democratic societies. It is particularly alarming that many of these violations have taken place in Europe, so far a continent seen as a beacon of democracy. In our changing world, we need to stay vigilant and denounce each and every attack to our fundamental rights.

Social Cohesion

Around the world, societies with higher rates of literacy and with a strong and respected cultural sector tend to be consolidated democracies with a robust welfare system. In turn, this translates into higher rates of social mobility, thus lower rates of poverty and inequality. That is why Òmnium Cultural’s main goal is to encourage the socialization of cultural assets and the democratization of the ways of accessing them is the main reason to strengthen its role as a cultural articulator and reach new audiences through its projects.

Òmnium Civil Rights Europe has been created to reinforce the shared struggle with many other NGOs around the continent that work tirelessly to defend culture and civil rights


Who we are

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